The Sales Queue shows products, as they move from sales to production to completion, as well as the collection of payment. Products, are shown in different queues based on their status and are updated manually as the product advances through the workflow. In the Sales Queue, orders are listed on a product-by-product basis except for the Past Due and On Account Queues, which are listed by entire order. These queues are organized by Invoice numbers so that salesperson can view and email invoices without leaving the queues.

When an order is placed, the product status will be listed as Order Review and it automatically appears in the Sales Review Queue unless it was updated when it was entered.

Statuses in the Queues:

The Estimates Queue allows salespeople to know which estimates they need to follow up on.

  • (A) Estimate: Estimate:  The product is in the initial estimate stage. If the customer portal is enabled, a product in Estimate: Estimate status will not be viewable through the portal. All other statuses can be seen by a customer.
  • (B) Estimate: Approved: The customer has approved the estimate in their customer portal, or the salesperson has received approval from the customer and updated the status in the Sales Module.

Estimates in Design Queue shows you where a product is in the design process. 

  • (C) Estimate: Design Needed:  The product needs a design before confirming order status.
  • (D) Estimate Revision: Indicates changes need to be made to the design.

The Sales Review Queue includes products in Sales Review, which means that the salesperson needs to review the product.

  • (E) WIP: Order Review:  The default queue for newly created Orders as well as Estimates that have been converted to Orders.
  • (F) WIP: Sales Review: The salesperson needs to review the product.

The Customer Action Needed Queue contains products awaiting customer proof approval, revision, etc.

  • (G) Estimate: Awaiting Customer Approval:  This product needs to be approved by the customer in order to be converted to an order. The customer can approve estimates in the customer portal. 
  • (H) WIP: Awaiting Customer Action:  You are awaiting any information from the customer other than estimates/proof approval, such as updated art, permits, etc.
  • (I) WIP: Awaiting Proof Approval: The product's proof needs to be approved before moving to the workflow.

The Work In Progress (WIP) Queue is where you can find items that are in Design or Production

  • (J) WIP: In Design:  Orders that need design work or a proof. 
  • (K) WIP: In Design Revision:  Orders that need design changes.
  • (L) WIP: Proof Approved:  The design proof has been approved by the customer, but has not been moved into the production workflow.
  • (M) WIP: Design Review:  Products with this status need the designer input.
  • (N) WIP: In Production:  This is where you can review all products waiting to be produced.
  • (O) WIP: Quality Control:  Products in this status need to have a quality check completed before the customer receives them.

The Vended queue is where you will find items that are not being produced in your center.

  • (P) WIP: Vended Products: Includes any subcontracted or outsourced product.

The Built Queue includes items that have been produced but are awaiting pickup, delivery, etc.

  • (Q) Built: Awaiting Customer Pickup:  Includes finished products the customer will pick up at your center.
  • (R) Built: Awaiting Installation:  Finished products that your center is coordinating to be installed.
  • (S) Built: Awaiting Shipping:  Finished products that need to be shipped via USPS, UPS, FexEx, etc.
  • (T) Built: Awaiting Delivery: Finished products that your center will deliver in-house or via courier.

The Past Due Queue shows invoices that are in a Completed status.

  • (U) Past Due Queue:  All invoices that have not been paid within their credit terms.

The On Account Queue shows invoices that are in a Completed status 

  • (V) On Account Queue: The customer has received the product on their order but haven't paid in full, and are within their credit terms.

From All Active Queue you can toggle between all active products and all active orders.  This view includes all items in WIP or BUILT status.

  • (W) Product: Allows you to view all active products.

  • (X) Order: Allows you to view all active products.