NOTE:  This article is an overview. For more detailed information, please refer to Editing A Completed Or Closed Order.  

Editing a completed or closed order:

  1. Navigate to the Order View screen.
  2. Click Edit Order.

  3. Review the information in the popup window.
  4. Click Proceed with Clone and Edit Order.

  5. Make the necessary changes to this order.
        NOTE:  A customer cannot be changed if a payment has been made on the order.
  6. Click Next Step to finalize the order.

  7. Add a reason for editing the order.
  8. Click Save Order.

  9. The invoice will maintain the same invoice number. This makes the behind the scenes changes seamless to your customer.
  10. Here, you can see the order has been edited. The V shows it was voided.  
  11. The status was changed to Work In Progress so that the order could be edited.