On occasion, you might have Actual Counted totals that are not equal to the Calculated Totals from the system. Discrepancies are due to users entering one or more payments incorrectly. You may also have other errors such as a Visa payment entered incorrectly as a MasterCard payment. 

NOTE:  It is important to make payment corrections prior to completing the reconciliation process.

Steps for correcting out of balance transactions:

  1. Navigate to Accounting Module > Reconciliation.
  2. Click Reconcile Accounts.

  3. Click on any link below a total to display the details you want to review and determine which payments were entered in error.

  4. Compare the amounts for each transaction to your records and find the payments that are incorrect, taking note of the corresponding invoice number for each transaction.

  5. If an error is found, close the reconciliation window and navigate to the Sales Module.
  6. Hover over the Orders tab. Click Search.

  7. Enter the invoice number that needs to be corrected and click Search.
  8. Click on the invoice number to be directed to the order view screen.

  9. Click on the Overrides tab.
        NOTE:  Only users with override user permissions can see this tab.

  10. Click on the Payments button.
  11. Select the Edit Payment option.
  12. Click Edit Payment to the right of the transaction you need to update.

  13. Edit the payment information as needed and enter a reason for making the edits.
  14. Click Adjust Payment when finished.

  15. After saving any corrections made, return to the Reconciliation page in the Accounting Module and repeat this step until all payments are properly displayed and accounted for.
       NOTE:  This step is very important in having accurate financial records and should not be skipped over.