If you have enabled Vended Products in the Management Module, you can mark a product as Vended, while creating an Order or an Estimate. For information on the Management Module settings, please refer to the Enabling Vended Products article.  

You must enter the Vendor Pricing Information as well as the desired markup if you want an accurate vendor history and correct vended margins on your reports. Selecting this feature overrides the default part price set up in the Management Module. None of the Vendor Product information will appear on the customer's invoice or estimate.

Marking a Product as Vended:

  1. Navigate to Step 2 of order entry.
  2. Enter a Product Name, Description, and Quantity.  
  3. Check the Is Vended box to fill in the Vendor Cost and Markup Details.
       NOTE:  The original part price set up in the Management Module will remain if you don’t add the Vendor Cost and Markup.
  4. Click Add Part.

  5. Select the Part you want to add.

  6. Enter the Vendor Cost Each amount.
       NOTE:  If your cost for 5000 business cards is $100 you must enter $.02—the cost of 1 business card.
  7. Enter the Markup Percentage.

  8. Enter the Vendor Part Number and Item Description as needed. This will allow you to track vendor part information for later use.

  9. Add any remaining information for your records, but remember that vended products are not produced at your facilities, so you'll likely not need to add information regarding machines.
  10. Click Save Part when ready.

  11. Notice the Red Flag next to the Part Retail Price. This represents that the price has been overridden.
  12. Depending on user permission, you can click on the Override Price link to view your margin and make any adjustments. To review the differences between margin and markup, please review the Margin Vs. Markup article.