Statements can be customized on a global level by navigating to Management Module > Customers > Statements. On this page, you can add customized messages and information to the Statements your customers receive by entering text in the boxes below.

Customizing Statements:

  • (A) Select Template: Select which template version you prefer. 
  • (B) Address location: Set your address to display in either the header or the footer of the Statement.
  • (C) Display Name: Customize the name displayed in the top-right of the header
  • (D) Custom Text 1: Custom Text Field that shows to the left of totals. 
  • (E) Custom Text 2: Custom Text field that displays centered, under totals. 
  • (F) Footer Custom Text 1: Custom Footer Text
  • (G) Footer Custom Text 2: Custom Footer Text
  • (H) Click Save Statement Settings to Save changes.