The Customer Portal is what gives your customers the ability to view estimates, orders, order history, approve proofs, and make payments (if enabled).

Each Contact for a given company will access the same Customer Portal but have their own username and password. This allows the system to track actions taken by each user and gives you the ability to grant access to individuals rather than a company as a whole.

Enabling the Customer Portal for a Contact:

  1. Navigate to Sales Module > Customers > Search.

  2. Search for a Customer.
  3. Select the Customer from the list below.

  4. Click on the Contacts tab.
  5. Access to the Customer Portal is granted on a contact-by-contact basis. Click on the name of the Contact that you want to give access to.

  6. By default, the Customer Portal is disabled for each contact. Click the Enable Customer Portal link to grant this contact access.

  7. Select Enable Access to grant access or click Disable Access to remove access.
  8. Then click Save Changes.

  9. The contact's Username is always their email address. The Password is a randomly generated code that the user should change once it's emailed to them.

  10. To send your contact their username and password, review the email below and make any changes that are needed.

        NOTE:  You can customize the default message in the Customer Communication section in the Management Module or you can update the email here as you grant access to each contact.

  11. Click Send Email when you're ready OR close the window and click Next to continue without sending the email.

  12. The contact's Portal Account Status appears here.
  13. Click here to update a contact's password.

  14. When a contact has been granted access to the Customer Portal or access has been removed, it is recorded in the History tab.

  15. If you need to see when a contact was granted access or when access was removed, click on the Account tab.