Alerts are notifications that inform you when an action has taken place within the system, e.g., a customer has been added, an estimate has been created, a proof has been approved, etc. Alerts can be viewed from your Home screen, in the module you see when you first log in. The number of new alerts appears in parentheses next to the Username, which can be seen from any screen.

Adding new Alerts:

  1. Click Manage Alerts on the Home screen.

  2. Click on +Add Alert Subscription to set up your alerts.

  3. Select the type of alert you want to receive.

  4. Select the conditions and criteria for when and where your alerts will be delivered.
    • (A) Adding more ALL conditions will narrow your subscriptions.
    • (B) Adding more ANY conditions will broaden your subscriptions.
  5. Check the boxes to indicate where you want your alerts to be received (dashboard/homepage, email, or text message.)

        NOTE: Depending on the CoreBridge package you have subscribed to, not all of these options may appear.

  6. Click Save Alert Settings.


When deactivating users, system administrators should consider deleting any associated alerts for the user being deactivated to prevent unwanted communication (i.e. texts, emails) from being sent out to the inactive user's email address.