System Administrators can set and manage alerts for other users in their CoreBridge system. To view and manage alerts for other users, navigate to Management > User Search.

Note: When deactivating users, system administrators should consider deleting any associated alerts for the user being deactivated to prevent unwanted communication (i.e. texts, emails) from being sent out to the inactive user's email address.

Updating User Alert Subscriptions:

  1. To update a user's Alert Subscriptions, enter the name of the user you need, then click on that name.

  2. Click on Alert Subscriptions tab.
  3. Click on + Add Alert Subscription.

  4. Select the type of alert you want the user to receive.
  5. Select the conditions and criteria for when the alerts will be sent.
  6. Check a box indicating where you want your alerts to be sent, e.g., dashboard, email, or text message.
  7. Click Save Alert Settings when you're finished.

  8. Once you have subscribed to alerts, you can edit them by clicking on the alert and updating the info in the popup window.
  9. You can also delete alerts by clicking on the red button to the right of the alert.
  10. When finished, click Save All User Settings.