Goal reports compare total calculated sales to goals set in the Management Module. Giving your sales team access to these charts allows them to monitor their progress on a regular basis and can help them achieve their goals.

NOTE:  If you are reviewing goals for your sales team and find that an individual is not listed in your chart, you must designate them as a salesperson in the management Module under Users.

Using Goals Reports:

  1. Navigate to the Sales Home Screen. 
  2. Click on the Goals tab. Here you can track the progress of the goals you've set up in the Goals section of the Management Module.
  3. Select the time period for the goal you want to review.
  4. Select the goal you want to review.
  5. Click Generate Chart to see your results.
    • (A) Green is the Actual Value recorded for the goal you're reviewing.
    • (B) Dark gray shows theGoal that has been set.