Through the CoreBridge System, you can bulk import data (up to 150 entries at a time) for Customers, Contacts, or Vendor information as well as Parts details.  This allows you to complete a form with specific info and import it at once instead of entering the details individually.  

Importing data can be done through the online template within CoreBridge, or by entering the information into an Excel spreadsheet.

This information can then be copied and pasted into the CoreBridge template.  Links to the templates can be found below:

Importing Data:

  1. Click on the arrow to open the page where your data will be imported.

  2. Some fields have dropdown menus you can choose from, rather than copying and pasting in the information.

    NOTE: If you copy and paste a name for example, into a field with a dropdown menu, the name must match the spelling from the menu for the system to recognize it.

  3. Click on the scroll bar and drag it from left to right to find the fields with arrows.

  4. Copy (Ctrl+C) or (Cmd+C for Mac) the data from your Excel template and then Paste (Ctrl+V) or (Cmd+V for Mac) it into the import template in CoreBridge. You can also enter the data manually in the grid.
        NOTE: Be sure not to change or remove any columns within the template as it will cause the information to transfer incorrectly. If the column does not apply, simply leave it blank.

  5. Enter the information you need and click Import.

  6. Once you've clicked Import, a message will appear indicating whether the import was successful or not. A notification in red will list what information is missing and in which lines of data.
  7. If you need to remove any data you've entered, click Clear Table.