Pricing for customers can be customized by selecting pricing tiers and overriding pricing. To view and edit a customer's pricing options, navigate to the customer's record and click on the Pricing Options Tab.  

Customer Pricing Options:

  •  (A) Assigning a Customer Pricing Tier:  Each time a customer is created, they're automatically assigned to Pricing Tier 1, your baseline retail pricing. You may select a new pricing tier from the dropdown menu which will apply only to this customer.

  • (B) Overriding Part Price:  Selecting a pricing tier or overriding pricing for a particular part.
    1. To override a specific part price, select the Part Category from the dropdown menu.
    2. To override the Pricing Tiers for specific parts within a category, select the tier you want from the dropdown menus.
    3. You can also customize the price for each part, for this customer ONLY, which will override any existing or default price set in the Management Module.
    4. Click Save.
          NOTE:  When you click Save Changes, a little flag appears to the left of the new square foot price to signify that it is an override.

  • (C) Overriding Machine Price:  Overriding the retail price for this customer when running on a selected machine. 
    1. Click on the Machine Price Overrides tab.
    2. You can customize the price for using a particular machine, and it's profile, specific to this customer.
    3. Enter the new price and then click Save.