A. Overview

  • This article is for centers that have gone through a 1st sync and are switching from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online using the Summary Sync export method. If you have not gone through a 1st sync, this article should not be followed.

  • These instructions assume you are importing your existing QuickBooks desktop company file into QuickBooks Online. If you are not importing your QuickBooks desktop file into QuickBooks online and instead are starting a new QuickBooks online company from scratch, this article should not be followed.

B. Supported Versions

  • Simple Start
  • Essentials
  • Plus
  • Advanced

C. Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders do not sync to QuickBooks Online with Summary Sync. 

If you have previously synced CoreBridge Purchase Orders to QuickBooks desktop please be aware that the QuickBooks Online sync does not provide that feature. 

D. Multiple Locations / Class Tracking

If your CoreBridge system has more than one location, you must have a version of QuickBooks Online that has the CLASS TRACKING feature. This will allow each location to be separated by Class just like QuickBooks desktop. Not all versions of QuickBooks Online have that feature.

E. Instructions

E-1: On a support ticket, please send us the appropriate statement from the choices below.

  • (A) I will be importing my QuickBooks Desktop company file into QuickBooks Online.
  • (B) I will not be importing my QuickBooks Desktop company file. I will be starting a blank company.

E-2: How to proceed based on choice from E-1.

  • (A) If you will be importing or have already imported your QuickBooks Desktop company file to QuickBooks Online, proceed with the next step.
  • (B) If you are starting with a new QuickBooks Online company and are not importing the company from QuickBooks Desktop, do not proceed. We will follow up with setup instructions.

E-3: Proceed through these steps.

    1You or your accountantPerform a final sync to QuickBooks Desktop to sync all existing Reconciliations.

    If you get sync errors they must be resolved before proceeding. If errors are not resolved they will carry over to QuickBooks Online.

    Do not perform a sync to QuickBooks Desktop again after performing a final sync.

    The sync tool used for QuickBooks Desktop does not sync to QuickBooks Online.

    2You or your accountant

    Option 1: Import your QuickBooks desktop company file to QuickBooks Online. Do not proceed until the import is successful.

    Option 2: Create a blank company.

    3You or your accountantConfigure your QuickBooks Online company as outlined in this article:

    LINK: QuickBooks Online - Application Settings for Sync

    4You or your accountantOnce the desktop import is successful OR a new blank company has been created, open a support ticket to let us know OR let us know on your existing support ticket.

    "My Desktop import to QuickBooks Online has completed successfully"

    "I have created a new blank QuickBooks Online company"

    Do not attempt a sync at this time.

    5CoreBridge SupportWe will set the Export Type on your CoreBridge system for you to QuickBooks Online Summary Sync.

    We will reset the following records so that they are correctly mapped to your new QuickBooks Online database:

    • G/L accounts
    • Location(s)

    Do not attempt sync at this time.

    The turnaround time for Step 5 is approximately one business day or shorter. 

    6CoreBridge Support

    Once Step 5 has been completed we will let you know. You can then perform a sync by following the directions in the next sections. 

F. Perform a Sync

This is where you perform your own 1st sync to QuickBooks Online.

Do not perform a sync until Step 5 above has been completed by CoreBridge Support.


  • All accounts and locations(classes) will sync again. They had to be reset because your QuickBooks is on a new database.
  • Sync Start Date: This date tells the sync which Reconciliation to start with based on date. 
    • Find the most recent journal entry in QuickBooks Online that synced.
    • Note the date.
    • That date will be your sync start date in the next section. (The journal entry in QuickBooks won't sync again)


  1. Follow the instructions in this article to perform a sync: QuickBooks Online – How to Perform a Sync
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