This article will give you a brief overview of the individual Part Settings. To view a part's settings, navigate to Management Module > Parts > Manage > select a part. The options on the right, relate only to the specific Part listed on the left.

Individual Part Options:

  • (A) Test Pricing opens a new window which allows you to see how your pricing for this part would look in the Sales Module. It also allows you to enter varying quantities, machines, and modifiers to reflect different pricing structures.
  • (B) + Associate Vendor allows you to enter certain vendor information on individual parts, including vendor name, vendor part number, and vendor cost.
  • (C) Part Settings allows you to view or edit individual Part information, such as the part name, cost, characteristics, etc.
  • (D) Clone Part is a quick way to make a replica of the original part that you can then edit to create a similar Part.

Please refer to the Part Settings and Minimum article for more information.