The Bulk Update Grid allows you to quickly update information including cost and retail for multiple parts in your system at once.

Updating parts Using the Bulk Update Grid:

  1. To access the Bulk Update Grid, navigate to the Managment Module > Parts > Bulk Update Grid.  
  2. Click on Part Export for Bulk Update to open a list of all the active parts in your system.

  3. Click the Save Icon to download this list as an excel or CSV file.

  4. Update Part information including Part Cost and Part Retail in the downloaded file as needed.  
    NOTE:  The part name is required and cannot be changed using this update function.

  5. When finished, highlight and copy the rows for the updated parts.

  6. Open the Bulk Update Grid Screen in your CoreBridge System.
  7. Select the Top Left cell on the Grid.  

  8. Paste the lines into the Part Bulk Update Grid.

  9. Click the Bulk Update Button
    • If the update is successful, a success message will appear.

    • If the update is unsuccessful, a message in red will indicate the row number(s) and reason(s) for the unsuccessful update.


  1. It is strongly recommended to use the Part Export for Bulk Update report as a starting point for any changes. The layout of this report will allow you to copy and paste the information directly into the grid.

  2. The Part Name is required and cannot be changed using this Update function.

  3. Fields left blank will NOT be updated. If you wish to remove a value such as "Finish" from a part, you will need to edit the part individually.

  4. Parts whose cost are controlled by Associated Vendor(s) cannot have their cost updated using this Update function and will need to have the cost value left blank to update the other fields.