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  • Grouping Reconciliations

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Grouping Reconciliations

Individual Reconciliations can be combined to view totals from multiple reconciliations together. 

The grouping is view only. It can't be printed like each individual Reconciliation.


  1. Navigate to Accounting Module > Reconciliation
  2. If not selected, click Complete Reconciliations.
    The historical Reconciliation list will display.

  3. Select a checkbox from the Group column to set either a Start Date or an End Date.
  4. Select a second checkbox from the Group column to set either a Start Date or an End Date.
    If a Reconciliation you need to select isn't displayed on the page, use the page navigation buttons. 
  5. Each Reconciliation between your selections for a specific location will be automatically selected for the grouping. Only Reconciliations for a single location will be selected. Multiple locations cannot be grouped together.

    Note:  Selecting a checkbox does not select that specific Reconciliation. It only sets the date. The starting and ending selection will set your start and end dates for the grouping.

    Start Date:  08/07/2018 05:33 PM
    End Date:  08/08/2018 05:38 PM

    Activity prior to 08/07/2018 05:33 PM will not be included in the grouping. To get activity for 8/7/2018 prior to 5:33pm, the prior Reconciliation may need to be selected in order to get an earlier Start Date.

    Because of the way date selection works, the data from your first Reconciliation cannot be part of a grouping unless the Reconciliation was performed before any activity existed on your system. In order to get the information you need please open the Reports module to find an appropriate report.

  6. Click the Group Selected button.The naming box will appear.

  7. Enter an appropriate name for the grouping. Keep in mind that Group Names can be sorted so using a name that will sort nicely is recommended.
  8. Click Save & View or Save & Close.
  9. Once your grouping has been saved, it can be found in the Groupings tab. 
    Click the Group Name to open and view the grouping.