Quick Products help you save time when entering an Order or an Estimate. Remember, Parts must be set up correctly in the Management Module before using them to set up Quick Products. 

Editing Quick Products

To edit existing Quick Products, navigate to the Sales Module and click on the Products tab. This list could include default products that came with your system or products that were previously entered.

  1. Navigate to Sales Module > Products. Select the Quick Product you wish to edit.

  2. This will open the Quick Products editor and allow you to update and manage your Quick Products. Keep in mind, you may delete, rename, or edit any element of the default Quick Products or the Quick Products you’ve already created.

        NOTE:  Changes you make to this Quick Product will affect all future estimates and orders using this Product.
  3. Click Edit Part to update size, machines, modifiers, and more.

  4.  Enter or edit the sizing information for your Quick Product. We recommend using the following two methods: 
    • The first way is to save a standard size for your Quick Product. The size you enter here will always appear when selecting this product. For example, entering a 4’x8’ MDO because this is a common size that is sold frequently. 

    • The second way is to enter an open size quick product. This option works well on quick products that have multiple parts but the finished size changes often. By entering a 1”x1” size, it forces the user to enter a one-time custom finished size during order entry. 

  5. If you are printing on a part, check to see that a machine is associated. Remember, doing this allows you to track your machine labor and disposable costs. 
  6. Click Save Part when you are finishing editing the part information.

  7. Grouping parts allows you to change the size of one part and automatically update the size of the related parts, keeping them in proportion to each other. For more information, please refer to the Grouping Parts article. 
  8. Click Save Quick Product.
  9. Close the tab when finished.

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