This article covers the steps to import your Order History Data list from ShopVOX into CoreBridge.

Exporting your ShopVOX Order History Data

Once you are ready to have your order history imported please complete the following steps. 

  1. Please reach out to our support department by emailing support@corebridge.net with temporary login credentials to your ShopVOX system. 

        2.  CoreBridge will confirm when you would like the import to be completed and task out the data extraction and import.

            NOTE:  This all happens during our evening maintenance window. 

        3. Once the import has been completed, CoreBridge Support will send you confirmation

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You should not reach out to us until you have all of your orders in a CLOSED status, as we can only import closed orders. 

Import Assistance

If you require any assistance please reach out to our support department by emailing support@corebridge.net.