Avalara is a tax compliance management service that automatically generates tax information for an order based on that order's destination location and whether or not nexus is held in that area. Integrating with Avalara provides additional options for tracking and managing tax compliance for CoreBridge orders.

This article covers the following topics:

Benefits of Integrating with Avalara

  • There is no longer any need to create, update, or assign Tax Agencies or Groups.
  • Easy tax compliance for centers with nexus in multiple states.
  • Easy tax compliance for states that require local taxes to be levied on out-of-state orders.

Signup and Activation

In order to integrate with Avalara, you will need to send an email to support@corebridge.net with the subject line of "Request for Avalara Integration." Please include your name and CoreBridge URL in this email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is NO fee associated with CoreBridge for Avalara. However in order to utilize this integration you must have an account with Avalara. To sign up or learn more about how to sign up with Avalara please visit help.avalara.com. Avalara can also be reached by phone at 877-759-6520

CoreBridge / Avalara Integration Settings

Once Avalara has been activated in your system, you will see an Avalara Integration section in your services tab. To integrate CoreBridge with your Avalara account, navigate to the Management Module > Global Settings > Services, and click Enter Avalara Settings.

Next, you'll want to click the Enter Avalara Settings button to begin inputting your Avalara account information.

Here is a quick overview of the required settings:

  • Username: Your Avalara account username.
  • Password: Your Avalara account password.
  • Customer Code: Your Avalara customer code, provided by Avalara.
  • Account Number: Your Avalara account number, provided by Avalara.
  • License Key: Your Avalara software license key, provided by Avalara.
  • Use Production Connection: Required to be checked for the integration to function.
  • Use Avalara Tax Calculation: Check to utilize Avalara tax calculation on CoreBridge orders, uncheck to turn Avalara tax calculation off.
  • Use Customer ID for Avalara: This is recommended to be checked. Doing so will designate that the customer Id will be used for identification in Avalara, rather than the customer name.

How Avalara Tax Calculation Works

When utilizing Avalara Tax Calculation, taxes aren't calculated until an order or estimate has been saved. While the order or estimate is in edit mode, the tax calculation will display as TBD.

Each time an order has been saved or it's corresponding destinations have been updated, avalara will calculate the tax based on the following values:

  1. The destination address of each line item on the order.
  2. The taxability of each line item on the order.
  3. The customer's tax-exempt status.

Avalara will update the sales tax assigned to each order every time that order is edited and saved. 

When utilizing Avalara, it is necessary to check on your Sales Tax Liability through their service, rather than the Sales Tax Liability Report in the CoreBridge Reports Module.


If you have any questions about how Avalara works within your system, please email support@corebridge.net. For all other questions regarding Avalara (such as billing or account questions) please visit help.avalara.com. Avalara can also be reached by phone at 877-759-6520