In CoreBridge, a Product is a line item on an invoice. A Product is made up of one or more Parts which are necessary to build the finished Product for the customer.  Modifiers can be added to a Part to calculate optional additional charges.


A Product is made up of one or more Parts and represents a single deliverable item that will be received by the customer. Multiple Products can be created for a single Order or Estimate. 

Product Quantity indicates the total number of finished products the customer is ordering.


A Part is the basic building block of a Product. A Part is anything that could be sold by itself. Multiple Parts can be combined to create a Product. 

Each Part is independently priced and the sum of each Part of the same Product becomes that Products price. 

Part Quantity is the number of pieces of a part needed to create a single (1) finished Product.

The Part Quantity is always based on a Product Quantity of 1. The Part Quantity is multiplied by the Product Quantity to return a Total Quantity. 

For instance, if a Customer orders 2 quantity A-frames with inserts (Product), you would enter 2 in Product Quantity. The parts for the A-frame (product) may include the material, such as Coroplast, the print, such as a full color printed vinyl, and the plastic frame.  If the customer wants the finished A-frame to be double sided, your Part Quantity for the material, and print would be 2 quantity - one for each side of the A-frame.  However, the frame part would have a Part Quantity of 1, as you only need 1 frame to create a finished A-frame product.

In Corebridge: 

  • (A) Product Quantity 
  • (B) Part Quantity for the frame
  • (C) Part Quantity for the material and print