To search for a Customer in the Sales Module, start by hovering over Customers, and click Search.

You can look up a Customer in a variety of ways by entering or selecting information from the filters provided.

  • (A) Company name: The Company name on record. 
  • (B) Contact First Name: Any contact assigned to a customer.
  • (C) Contact's Last Name: Any contact assigned to a customer.
         NOTE: You can search for a customer by any contact's name but only the primary contact will display below.  To see other contacts for a customer, navigate to the Contacts.
  • (D) Phone Number: The Company Phone Number.  
        NOTE: The customer search cannot be filtered by a contact's phone number. 
  • (E) Email Address:  A contact's email address. 
  • (F) Salesperson: The assigned Salesperson for the customer.
  • (G) Sales Location: Filter by the location in CoreBridge, if you have a multi location system.
  • (H) Status: Filter by prospect, lead, or client.
  • (I) Master Account: The customers assigned Master Account.
  • (J) Click Include Inactive to include inactive customers in your search.
  • (K) Click Search to find a customer. If you click here without using any filters, the system will retrieve all your customers.

Click on the Customer's name to open the customer information and settings.