CoreBridge allows users with permission to override the cost of a part on an order when it is a completed or closed status.

Steps for Overriding Costs: 

  1. Navigate to the Order view page for the order.
  2. Select View Order Details.

  3. Click on the plus sign to expand the product.

  4. Click the plus sign on the part you wish to update. 

  5. Select the edit icon.
        NOTE:  The edit icon will only appear if the cost override feature has been enabled.  For more information, contact

  6. Update the cost.
  7. Click the save icon. 

  8. The margin on this part will update instantly based on the new cost. 
  9. The overall product and order margin will not update automatically.  To update, simply click Reload, and the system will update all margins.  Once updated, the updated margins will carry through to your reports.
        NOTE: This cost update will only effect the individual part and order which you have edited manually, and will not update the cost of the part globally.  Part cost updates on a global level are done in the Management module. 

Enabling Cost Override for a User:

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Users.
  2. Select a User.

  3. Navigate to Access Rights.
  4. Under Sales Module User permissions, check the box for "allow cost override" 

  5. Click Save All User Settings.