This article provides details on what records get created in QuickBooks by the sync tool when using the Detail Sync.

There are specific records used with Detail Sync that need to exist in QuickBooks. They get created automatically when you click Save & Validate on the sync tool.

This article does not apply to the Summary Sync.

General Ledger Accounts

The following accounts are created.

  • 00001 Undeposited Funds
    • This is not the account that will be used when payments are recorded unless there was already an Undeposited Funds account in use with the same account number and the same name.
    • Once a payment is recorded in QuickBooks the built-in Undeposited Funds account from QuickBooks will be used.
  • 00002 Inventory Asset
    • This account is used with Inventory items
  • 00003 Customer Refunds
    • This account is used when a refund is recorded.
  • 00004 Retail Sales
    • This is a fallback account.
  • 00005 Cost of Goods Sold
    • This is a fallback account.
  • 000087 Bad Debt
    • This account will be used when a bad debt is recorded.
  • 000089 In-Store Credit
    • This account will be used when a store credit is created

Payment Methods

The following payment methods are created.

  • ACH
  • Bad Debt
  • Imported
  • Other
  • Wire


The following items are created.

  • Custom Purchase Order Item
  • In-Store Credit
  • Bounced Check
  • Customer Refund
  • Freight
  • Postage
  • Shipping
  • Discount
  • Customer Credit