• This article will guide you through manually recording a Bad Debt in QuickBooks desktop when using the Full Sync export method.
  • The sync should handle the Bad Debt automatically but if that fails, you can use these instructions to record the Bad Debt that was entered in CoreBridge.
  • The Lump Sync export will record the Bad Debt expense in a journal entry.


  • Before a Bad Debt can be recorded:
    • The invoice being written off must exist in QuickBooks.
    • The payment associated to the invoice must exist in QuickBooks.
  • In the example, the customer had a $100.00 invoice, they paid $95.00, and you entered a Bad Debt payment in CoreBridge for $5.00.


  1. In QuickBooks. edit the payment in question.
    The payment window will open.
  2. Click Discounts And Credits.The Discount and Credits window will open.
  3. In the field titled "Amount of Discount", enter the Bad Debt amount.
  4. Using the drop-down for "Discount Account", choose your Bad Debt expense account or whatever account you post Bad Debt to.
  5. If needed, select the appropriate CLASS.
  6. Click "Done"
  7. The written off amount will be displayed.
  8. Click "Save and Close"
  9. This is the end result.