How to transition signVOX WIP & A/Rs to CoreBridge

  • Transitioning from signVOX to CoreBridge involves a data import process and re-entry of some open items. 
  • CoreBridge will import all Closed invoices & assets so you do not have to re-enter any of those transactions.  
  • However, CoreBridge does not import any Open WIP or A/R's thus you will need to follow this process if you need to quickly transition away from signVOX.
  • Please keep in mind that CoreBridge support will not be able to instruct you on how to perform specific functions within signVOX. 
  • The steps below are general guidelines that if followed should result in a clean financial transition.

Before performing any actions, we highly recommend saving reports/documentation from signVOX to PDF for future reference. Here are some examples:

  • Accounts Receivable report showing all open transactions.
  • Sales Tax Liability report for any open periods. 
  • Payment report listing all payments that need to be re-entered into CoreBridge.
  • Quotes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Every Open Order/Invoice you will need to re-enter into CoreBridge.

Open A/R Invoices

Since the Invoices will be re-entered into CoreBridge, we want to offset them in signVOX so that you do not double your sales revenue. To offset them:

  1. Issue a Credit Memo for each open invoice in signVOX.
  2. Export the Credit Memos to your accounting software
    • If you are unable to export the Credit Memos be sure to manually create them in your accounting software
  3. Re-enter the invoices in CoreBridge as new orders
  4. If an invoice is already in your customer's hands, be sure to mark the CoreBridge order as Completed.
    • The Credit Memos will offset the original invoices as well as royalties.

WIP Orders

  • Enter all WIP orders in signVOX that are still in production into CoreBridge as new orders.


Any payments associated with open WIP or A/R's need to be adjusted in each system.

  1. Issue a Refund for each open payment in signVOX.
  2. Export the Refunds to your accounting software
    • If you are unable to export the Refunds be sure to manually create them in your accounting software.
    • After verifying all the refunds exist in your accounting software, please leave them unchanged/unreconciled/undeposited.
    • When you export from CoreBridge to your accounting software the new payments from CoreBridge will offset the refunds from signVOX.
  3. Enter each new payment into CoreBridge for the same amount you refunded in signVOX.
    • Please keep in mind that an order must exist in CoreBridge before a new payment can be entered.
    • Since the CoreBridge payment will be an exact opposite of the signVOX refund, you can combine the positive new payment from CoreBridge with the negative refund from signVOX together. This will result in a $0.00 deposit in your accounting software. 


  • After issuing Credit Memos and Refunds your signVOX A/R balance should be $0.00
  • If you will be exporting your CoreBridge data to your accounting software, we recommend using the Full Sync export if it's supported with your accounting software. That will give you similar results as your signVOX export with individual customers and transactions. It will also make any cleanup work easier.