Once an Ecommerce order syncs into CoreBridge, it will behave like a regular CoreBridge order.  Ecommerce orders will appear in Order Searches and CoreBridge reports.  

Order Search

On the Order Search screen, Ecommerce order are indicated with their Ecommerce order number.

Order View Page

The following items are displayed on the Order View Page for Ecommerce Orders:

  • (A) Ecommerce orders can be edited.  To turn off this function, navigate to Global Settings > System Settings > Ecommerce.
  • (B) Ecommerce orders will assume the next invoice number in your CoreBridge system.
  • (C) Customer PO numbers entered during checkout will transfer to CoreBridge.
  • (D) Order Description will be E-Commerce Order followed by the Ecommerce order number.  Order Descriptions can be manually edited using the edit button.
  • (E) Entered by will always be corebridge.api.
  • (F) Salesperson will be the Assigned Salesperson for the customer.  If no salesperson is assigned, the order will be labeled under the House Account.
  • (G) Each Product ordered through Ecommerce will show as separate products in CoreBridge. 
  • (H) If Additional Notes were entered during checkout, they will appear on the Notes & Files tab.
  • (I) Pricing is pulled from Ecommerce.  Any Ecommerce pricing will override pricing for the same product in the CoreBridge Management System. 
  • (J) Shipping will populate in the Shipping section on the order.
  • (K) Tax is automatically calculated during order entry.  For more information, please refer to the Sales Tax Handling in Ecommerce article. 
  • (L) Product Status for the items purchased in Ecommerce will start as WIP: Order Review, the same way an order is manually entered through CoreBridge.  
  • (M) Down payment Requirements, Credit Terms, etc. for a customer will still apply to Ecommerce orders.

Product Details Page

The following information is available on the Product View Page

  • (A) The product will retain the name saved in the Ecommerce.
  • (B) The proof will be either the preview from the Online Designer or the static image uploaded.
  • (C) Add-Ons appear under Sales Notes, Production Notes, and Part Notes.
  • (D) Add-Ons appear under Sales Notes, Production Notes, and Part Notes.
  • (E) Click Manage Order Product Files to find PDFs from the Online Designer and/or files uploaded by the customer for the product. 
  • (F) Part information depends on the integration settings for the Product.  For more information, please refer to the Product Integration article.
  • (G) Add-Ons appear under Sales Notes, Production Notes, and Part Notes.