The first week of every month, CoreBridge will automatically send you a Usage Email to all active administrator level users setup in CoreBridge. The Usage Email gives a snapshot which highlights several data points of your CoreBridge usage for the previous calendar month. 

Here is an example of the email sent in December:

save image

Notes about Data Points in this Email

  • New Orders - this number represents new orders created and also estimates which were converted to orders during the month.
  • Average Value of Each Invoice - this number excludes shipping, postage, and sales tax.
  • Top Customers by Volume - lists the top 3 customers based on the # of orders completed or closed for the month.
  • Top Customers by Revenue - lists the top 3 customers based on the sum of the Subtotal for all orders completed or closed for the month.
  • New Customers - the number of customers created during the month.
  • On Time Orders - compares Order Due Date to Order Built Date.  If the order was built prior to the due date, it is 'on time'. 

Want to opt-out of receiving these emails?

  1. If you prefer not to receive the monthly usage email, you can do so by clicking update subscription preferences at the bottom of the email.
    Note:  Removing yourself from the Monthly Usage Email will not remove you from any other CoreBridge notifications such as system updates, billing, event notifications, etc.

  2. You will be directed to an online form to update your preferences. Scroll to Send Monthly Usage Email to Me and select No.