An order may have to be submitted for approval based on dollar amount limits set by management.  An order is compared to the limit during checkout.  If the order is over the limit, a message will appear.  

Submitting an Order for Approval:

  1. When checking out, enter your address information.  
  2. Follow any steps under Review Your Order.
  3. Select your Shipping Method.
  4. A window will appear if your order is over the limit set by your administrator.
    • (A) Click Return To Checkout to continue to process your approval request
    • (B) Click Edit Cart to reduce your order by the amount listed.
  5. If you select Return to Checkout select the Payment Type.
  6. Click Request Approval.
  7. You will receive confirmation that the order has been submitted for approval.
  8. Once the order has been approved or rejected, you will receive an email confirmation.

Checking the Approval Status:

  1. Click on your email address.
  2. Select Order History.
  3. The Order Status column will display the condition of your order.
    • (A) Approval Required: This order is pending approval.
    • (B) Rejected: This order has not been approved.
    • (C) Submitted: This order has been approved and submitted.