Below is a comprehensive training path that covers setting up an eCommerce system.  To use, click on the Guide Name.  The corresponding article will be opened in a new tab.  Completing this training path as outlined is key to a successful implementation of eCommerce.

Lesson 1: Introduction

GuideRequirementTime (min)
Logging into the eCommerce Admin PanelRequired2
The Difference Between Catalogs, Collections, Products, and Add-onsRequired2
Ecommerce Orders in the CoreBridge Management SystemRequired3
Admin Panel OverviewRequired2

Lesson 2: Storefronts, Catalogs, & Catagories

GuideRequirementTime (min)
Adding New Stores
Customizing StoresRequired5
Customizing Themes
Managing StoresRequired2
Setting Up a Custom Store URLOptional10
Setting Up Order Approvals for StoresOptional5
Adding New CollectionsRequired3
Adding New CatalogsRequired2
Collection AssociationsRequired5

Lesson 3: Product Management

GuideRequirementTime (min)
Adding New Products in EcommerceRequired3
Product IntegrationRequired3
File UploadRecommended2
Product Images & Art Tab
Product AssetsRecommended2
Tiered PricingRecommended2

Lesson 4: Online Designer

GuideRequirementTime (min)
Online Designer - AdminRequired3
Online Designer - Admin: Text BoxesRequired3
Online Designer SettingsRequired3
Colors and Color GroupsRequired2
Fonts and Font GroupsRequired2

Lesson 5: Global Settings

GuideRequirementTime (min)
Sales Tax Handling in EcommerceRequired2
Shipping OptionsRequired3
Carrier Rate ShippingOptional5