Submitting Sync Errors

If you are presented with Failed Items (sync errors) during a sync, the failed items must be addressed so that all of your CoreBridge data can successfully sync to QuickBooks.

When all sync tasks have been completed, and there are Failed Items, a button labeled "Troubleshoot Problems" will appear.


  • Click the Troubleshoot Problems button to start the error submission process.

  • In the pop-up window, enter an e-mail address. The email address entered will get replies from our support department. The recipient should be the person responsible for performing the sync.
  • Click Submit

What happens when I use the Troubleshoot Problems process?

  • A support ticket is automatically generated.

  • The email address used will get an auto-reply with the ticket number. If you do not get an auto-reply that means something went wrong and a ticket was not generated. A ticket must be generated for support to know about errors. Please check your SPAM folder.

  • The errors will get recorded to your system behind-the-scenes.

  • Once support gets your ticket, a support agent will log into your system to see any errors.

  • Support will troubleshoot errors and respond back to you. At times, support may need additional information from you.

  • When the troubleshooting process is over, the fix may be in either CoreBridge or QuickBooks.

  • Once the fix has been applied, please run the sync again. If the fix was applied correctly, all Failed Items will become Successful Items and your CoreBridge data will be synced to QuickBooks.