Design Editor Presets are set in the Settings of the Admin Panel.  These presets control several settings for the designer, including editor permissions, canvas settings, and image outputs.

Creating Design Editor Presets:

  1. Navigate to Admin Panel > Settings.  Select Design Editor Presets.
  2. Click +Design Editor Presets.
  3. Enter a Preset Name.  
  4. Select an Editor Type
    • .(A) Canvas Only: Hides all toolbars.
    • (B) Basic Only: Shows the basic toolbars.
    • (C) Basic and Advanced:  Users can switch between the Basic and Advanced Toolbars.
  5. Select a Font Mode.
  6. Enabled Spell Check: turns on Spell Check for the Designer.
  7. Image Editor allows customers to edit images on the artwork.
  8. Maintain Image Aspect Ratios: Check to maintain the image aspect ratios in the designer. 
  9. Preview Output: This is the image setting for the preview. 
  10. Proof Output: This is the image settings for the proof that will be sent to CoreBridge.
  11. DPI Quality Meter: Check to enable the DPI bar when resizing images in the artwork.  This shows what the actual DPI would be at scale for the image being resized.
  12. Preflight Warnings: Enables preflight warnings on the canvas.  This shows icons for low resolution images, surface boundary violations and text clipping.  
  13. Ruler: Shows a ruler on the canvas.
  14. Snap Lines: Shows snap lines on the canvas.
  15. Surface Boundaries: Shows surface boundaries on the canvas.
  16. Click Save.

Enabling Presets for a Design:

  1. Navigate to the Online Designer for the product.  Click on the gear icon.
  2. Select the Preset from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Save.