The Customize Theme button allows you to customize the look of your Stores.  To customize the theme of your Store, navigate to My Stores > Select the Store you wish to customize.  

Customizing Store Themes:

  1. Click Customize Theme on the Store Details page.

  2. Select the Font Family to use on the store.
  3. Select the Font Size to be utilized on your store.
  4. Customize the Colorson your Store.  Enter the RGB value for the color or use the click and drag tool.
    • (A) Preview: A preview of these changes can be seen on the right.

  5. Customize the labels for Catalogs, Store Pages, and Contact Info as seen in the footer of the Store.

  6. Click on the Content tab.  The Content tab allows you to put HTML content on select areas of the Store.
  7. Select the Section you wish to add content to.
  8. Click Edit HTML.

  9. Add the content.  
  10. Click Save HTML when finished.