Loyalty Loop provides custom survey services to businesses seeking to understand their customers. You can learn more about the different product offerings of Loyalty Loop by visiting www.loyaltyloop.com

The data sent to Loyalty Loop is a list of order contacts who completed orders within a given time period.

Signup and Activation

In order to integrate with Loyalty Loop, please reach out to Loyalty Loop directly to initiate the process. You should mention that you are using CoreBridge in your business. Loyalty Loop will then reach out to CoreBridge directly to get the next steps going.

Loyalty Loop Integration Setup

Once the Loyalty Loop integration has been enabled in your system, there are a handful of configuration settings that need to be setup and/or reviewed by you:

  1. Report Frequency: This value determines how often data is sent to Loyalty Loop.
    • Monthly
    • Bi-Weekly
    • Weekly
    • Daily
  2. Survey ID: This value will be provided to you by Loyalty Loop.
  3. API Key: This value will be provided to you by Loyalty Loop.

If you'd like to see what data exactly is sent to Loyalty Loop, you can navigate to Management > Global Settings > Services and click the Generate Report button under the Loyalty Loop logo. This will generate a report displaying the same information that is sent to Loyalty Loop. The date range on this report is set automatically based on your Report Frequency integration setting.


If you have any questions about what data CoreBridge seends to Loyalty Loop, please email support@corebridge.net. For all other questions, please reach out to Loyalty Loop directly.