Localization settings in Ecommerce set the currency, date, time, and phone number validation settings for the Admin Panel and Store.  

Updating Localization Settings:

  1. Navigate to Admin Panel > Settings > Localization.
  2. Under Location, select your Default Country.  This will control currency, date, and time settings. 
  3. Under Phone chose the settings you would prefer for phone numbers on the Admin Panel and Store.
    • (A) Validate Phone Numbers: Check to validate phone numbers
    • (B) North American Dialing Plan (nnn)nnn-nnnn: If selected, the system will automatically format phone numbers entered on the Admin Panel and Store based on the North American Dialing Plan. 
    • (C) Don't format when not 10 digits: If selected, the North American Dialing plan will be removed if the phone number is not 10 digits.  
  4. All changes will be saved automatically.