The List Manager, which is found in the Ordering section of the Global Settings found in the Management module, is designed to provide options that can assist with tracking information related to certain actions taken in CoreBridge.

Each item that is in the List Manager will allow an option to require a reason to be selected from a list of dropdown options, provide a textbox for a custom reason to be entered, and will allow for specific reasons to be created to explain why this option was selected.

Note:  Order Origination will only provide options to select from the list of created order origination options and to require that a selection is made to be able to create an order.  It does not have a custom text field option.

To create Custom reasons in the List Manager, you will want to enter the Reason Name that will be available when these functions are performed.  Once entered, you will select "Add New Reason".  This reason will then be available to select from a dropdown menu when performing that function in CoreBridge.