Cancelling estimates will allow you to remove an estimate from searches and queues in CoreBridge , but will allow you to review and clone the cancelled estimate for future use

Cancelling Estimates:

When accessing the main estimate view page, you can select the "Cancel Estimate" option.

Bulk Cancel Estimates:

When accessing the Estimate Search option in the Sales module, you can select to Bulk Cancel Estimates:

  • This feature allows you to bulk cancel all estimates created before the chosen date. You will see a final warning before the estimates are cancelled to confirm the date you entered and the number of estimates about to be cancelled. This process cannot be undone.

Note: Only system administrators have access to the Bulk Cancel Estimates option.

Cloning a Cancelled Estimate:

When cloning an cancelled estimate, this will generate a new invoice number for the estimate and will allow it to be progressed through the production workflow.

  • To clone a cancelled estimate, you will need to select the "Show Cancelled Estimates" option in the Estimate search found in the Sales module.

  • You can select to clone the estimate through the Estimate search page or the main estimate view page.