Customer Email Groups allow you to group contacts at the customer level to send multiple contacts at once. You can then choose from these groups when sending emails out of CoreBridge.


  • Email Groups are not available for automatic system-triggered Customer Communications at this time.
  • Email Group names must be unique within the same customer, but can be reused across different customers.
  • You can override the email address for a contact by clicking on the email address. Overrides are specific to each group.
  • To clear an override, enter nothing for the email and save.
  • You can edit the group name by clicking on the name itself.
  • When sending an email, you can start typing the name of the Email Group, or click the Email Group icon to choose from a drop-down.

When creating a Customer Email Group, just navigate to Customers > Search > Contacts > click Customer Email Groups.

  1. Click Create button
  2. Type the New Email Group Name in the field.
  3. Click OK
  4. Select the contact name you want to add to the group by clicking the checkbox.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Once done, you can go to the Estimate/Order and start using it by emailing the customer Invoice then click the green envelope to select the  Email Group Name, or manually enter the group by typing the beginning of the group name when sending an order or estimate email.

When wanting to rename the Email Group Name, just click the name itself and type the new name on the box then click OK.

Click the Delete button if you want to delete Group Name.