The only accounts needed for the import are the accounts in CoreBridge. Be sure not to add your entire Chart of Accounts to CoreBridge.

If there is an account in CoreBridge that does not exist in QuickBooks, it will be created automatically in QuickBooks during your 1st sync so there is no need to add it manually. The new account in QuickBooks will be created exactly as displayed in CoreBridge (account number, account name, hierarchy). If you want to have an account created automatically, any parent account noted in CoreBridge will need to either be created by the sync or must already exist in QuickBooks. If you prefer to add an account manually to QuickBooks, be sure it matches exactly to CoreBridge. 


  • Special characters may cause sync errors. Some examples are $, &, and quote symbols. Please use only letters and numbers for account names. If a special character causes a sync error, the account name will need to be changed in both CoreBridge and QuickBooks for the sync to be successful.

  • The name "Shipping" should not be used as an account name. Names like "Shipping Income" or "Shipping Expense" can be used instead.

  • Accounts can have 3 levels.
    • Parent > Child > Child. 
    • If your existing Income accounts that will be used in CoreBridge have more than 3 levels please adjust them accordingly in QuickBooks before matching them to CoreBridge.

  • Each account must have a unique account number and a unique name. Numbers and names cannot be the same between Income accounts and Reconciliation accounts (step 6). If you want the sync to create an account for you in QuickBooks during the 1st sync, be sure that an account doesn't already exist in QuickBooks with the number or name of the account that will be created.



Review your QuickBooks chart of accounts to check for duplicate account names. Each account in QuickBooks should have a unique name. If there is an account in CoreBridge with the same name as two or more accounts in QuickBooks with the same name, the sync may fail or may change your chart of accounts in QuickBooks to something you aren't expecting. For Example:

  • One CoreBridge Account: 4000 Banner Income
  • Two QuickBooks Accounts: 4000 Banner Income, 4500 Banner Income
  • You will need to change 4500 so that is has a unique name


  • Match Income account between CoreBridge and QuickBooks. 

  • Account number, account name, account hierarchy, and account type must match exactly.
  • The QuickBooks account type needs to be "Income". Using the type "Other Income" will create sync errors causing data to not export.
  • In CoreBridge, navigate to Accounting Module > Manage Accounts > Income Accounts tab.


  • The column headings can be used to sort accounts. If the accounts have account numbers, try clicking GL Code once or twice to put the accounts in number order. If the accounts don't have numbers, sorting by Account Name may make the matching process easier.
  • Once sorted, start with the first account in CoreBridge. Compare it to QuickBooks. If the CoreBridge account matches exactly to QuickBooks move on to the next account in CoreBridge. (You don't want to start with the first account in QuickBooks because all of your accounts in QuickBooks don't need to be in CoreBridge)
  • If the CoreBridge account represents an account in QuickBooks but it doesn't match exactly, change the account in either QuickBooks or CoreBridge to get them to match. 
    • If you are a Franchisee, CoreBridge is populated with the Franchisor master Chart of Accounts so any change may need to be made in QuickBooks.
    • The goal is to get the account to match perfectly between CoreBridge and QuickBooks.
  • If a CoreBridge account needs to be changed, click edit, make any needed changes, then click save before moving to the next account.
  • If the account being matched is a child account in QuickBooks be sure to select the parent account in CoreBridge so that the account hierarchy matches. If a parent account does not exist in CoreBridge it must be created.
  • To create a new account use this section of the page:
    • If you are a Franchisee, your accounts may be locked preventing new accounts from being created.

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