Once a Reconciliation has been saved it cannot be edited. 

All payments that were reconciled are locked and can no longer be edited. If a payment needs to be fixed after it has been reconciled, you will need to issue refunds or additional payments to get CoreBridge to match the actual payment. Those transactions will be part of the next reconciliation and should balance out the original erroneous payment.

  1. Enter any notes in the Reconciliation Notes box that you want to have saved along with the reconciliation.
  2. Click the Reconcile Now button.
  3. You get a final warning before saving!
    If any payments need to be edited this is your last chance. Click "X" to close the confirmation window to return to the Reconciliation.

  4. Click Yes to save the Reconciliation.
    Once saved, the Reconciliation cannot be edited and all reconciled payments can no longer be edited. 

  5. The Reconciliation will be assigned a sequential number and will display in the historical Reconciliation list. You may need to refresh the web page to see the newly saved Reconciliation.

Print Reports

Once a Reconciliation has been saved, the Reconciliation reports can be printed.

Deposit Slip

The deposit slip lists (1) the amount of cash entered in Cash Out (To Deposit) and (2) each individual check that was entered.

  • The location address from the Management Module is displayed. 
  • If you use the CoreBridge deposit slip to make a deposit, be sure to write the account number. CoreBridge does not store bank account numbers.

Reconciliation Report

The report displays the following information:

  • Summary values from Page 2
  • Cash breakdown
  • Individual payment details

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