The Order Minimum UI Flag allows the user to receive a warning based off of configured Order Minimums for each active Sales Center, or Location. By default, the feature is off and must be configured to begin using it. Once configured, if an order does not meet the Sales Center's order minimum requirements, the user entering the order will be warned on Step 3 of Order Entry. The user can then decide to take action to increase the retail price of the order or may bypass the warning and proceed to saving the order below the Sales Center's minimum. 

Configuration & Functionality

Configuration is managed in Management Module > Global Settings > Ordering > Ordering Rules > Order Minimums

Once you have navigated to this tab, you will be able to determine whether each location will have Order Minimums enabled, as well as the specified minimum amount. The minimum amount entered will be compared against Order Subtotal, prior to taxes. Once you have made the desired modifications, click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

Note: Minimum amounts that have been entered while the Order Minimums are enabled will be saved, but not used, if the feature is later disabled.

During order entry, if the order Subtotal (prior to taxes) does not meet the Sales Center's order minimum, the user will see a warning modal similar to the following when they proceed to Step 3 of Order Entry:

Note: Hovering over New Subtotal will display the current subtotal for the order.

Selecting OK will allow you to continue with the step and save the order. 

Note: The warning modal will not repetitively display. It will only show again if the Sales Center changes or the Order Subtotal is updated and the pricing is still below the Order Minimum.