• This article will guide you through authorizing CoreBridge to write information to your QuickBooks Online company.

  • Once authorization has been completed, a security token from QuickBooks will be stored on your system so that CoreBridge will have permission to access the QuickBooks company that was authorized.

  • As long as the token is valid, a sync can be performed without authorizing. Since the security token is stored on your CoreBridge system and not your computer, is it valid wherever you log in to CoreBridge. Any CoreBridge user with security rights to perform a sync, including CoreBridge support, can perform a sync without needing to authorize first.

  • When one of the limits is reached, or your system needs to be authorized/re-authorized, the sync will fail and a message will be presented when a sync is attempted.

"401 Authorization"

  • There are a few reasons why the message appears:
    • Your system has never been authorized before or it needs to be re-authorized.
    • The authorization limit has been reached.
    • The sync limit has been reached.



You must use the default URL assigned to your CoreBridge system. It is in this format: xxx.corebridge.net
Custom URLs will result in an error.


  1.  In CoreBridge, navigate to Accounting Module > Accounting Export > Setup tab.

  2. Click the Connect To QuickBooks button.
    (If you have previously connected, the button may display Connected. Click the Connected button)

    new button as of DEC 2019

  3. A new window will open.

    new window as of DEC 2019

  4. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account with an admin account. If QuickBooks is running in the same browser the sign-in may have been done automatically.

  5. If the account used has access to more than one company, choose the company that you will sync your CoreBridge data to.

    If the wrong company is selected, the sync will export data to that company. If data syncs to the wrong company, it will need to be identified, deleted, and CoreBridge support will need to have all of the incorrect records reset so that they can sync to the correct company.
  6. Once the correct company is selected click Next:

    new interface as of DEC 2019

  7. If presented with a second window click Connect.

    new interface as of DEC 2019

  8. Wait for the window to close.


  1. In CoreBridge, click the "Continue…" button and wait for the web page to refresh.

    If the webpage doesn't refresh, Authorization will not be complete.
    You may need to try Step 2 again or possibly Step1 and Step2.

  2. Once the web page refreshes, the Authorization process will be complete.




  • The authorization is valid for 100 days.
  • When authorization expires you will get a "401 authorization" message when syncing.
  • If the message appears as soon as you try to sync you have likely reached this limit.
  • Authorize again starting at Step 1.


  • When syncing there is a 60-minute limit.
  • When the limit is reached you will get a "401 authorization" message when syncing.
  • If the message appears during the sync, and not as soon as you start, you have likely reached this limit.
  • Starting again will give you another 60-minute window.
  • To start again, refresh the CoreBridge web page, then click Begin Sync.
  • As long as authorization has not expired you can start the sync again without needing to authorize again.


If there is a need to break the link between CoreBridge and a specific QuickBooks Online company, that can be done in CoreBridge or QuickBooks.

These are a few reasons why you may need to break the link:

  • The wrong QuickBooks company was authorized.
  • You want to sync to a new/different QuickBooks company.
  • Your business was purchased and you don't want the new owner's CoreBridge data to be synced to your QuickBooks company.
  • Authorization is failing.

D-1. Break the Link in CoreBridge

  1. In CoreBridge, navigate to: Accounting Module > Account Export > Setup


D-2. Break the Link in QuickBooks Online

This process will only work when logged in as a QuickBooks user. The buttons don't appear when viewing a client's company as an Accountant user.

  1. In QuickBooks, select "Apps"

  2. Look for "CoreBridgeSync"

  3. Click "Action" then "Disconnect"