With Destinations and XPS enabled in CoreBridge, you can set shipping Destinations on your products, print shipping labels, and bring the shipping cost and shipping retail back into your CoreBridge system. This article will cover the steps necessary to do this within your CoreBridge system.

If you're not familiar with Destinations, click here for an overview.

If you are currently not using the XPS integration, click here for more details.

NOTE:  Destinations is an additional feature included with your subscription of CoreBridge. This feature is not enabled by default, but you can request to have it enabled by CoreBridge Support at no additional charge. You will also need to have an XPS account to have these features available in your system. For information on how to create an XPS account, click here.

Destinations Status

When a destination is created, it will be marked as a Pending destination status. It will remain in Pending status as it moves through the production workflow. Once all the products included in the destination are moved into a Built product status, the destination status will automatically be updated to Ready.

The Production Module is used to view all Destination Queues in a central location and allows your Production personnel to prep each destination based on Installation, Delivery, Shipping, and Awaiting Pickup. 


Shipping Queues Using XPS Integration

When using the XPS Shipping integration, you now have three options available in your Queues:  Destinations, Manage Shipments, and Shipping History. Navigate to Production Module > Shipping Queue

The green circled numbers indicate the number of destinations currently in each Queue. For instance:  Shipping Queue has seven products currently in the Queue.

Select Destinations from the drop down menu which will bring up your Shipping Queues showing each destination Awaiting Shipping. Each destination includes invoice number, company name and contact, destination description, carrier information, status, and ship by date (as entered during Destination creation). Clicking on the orange icon to the right of the Invoice number will take you directly to the Order View page. 

  • Filters are available at the top of the screen where you can filter your destinations, including Ship By Date or Status.
  • Click the + symbol in the green circle located at the left of each destination to expand, for more details.
    1. Entered By:  shows the user who entered the Destination into the system.
    2. Click Add Notes to add any order address notes.
    3. Print a Packing slip for the products involved in this Destination.

This information is great to use to prepare each Destination for shipment.

Once the shipments are boxed and ready for Shipment, navigate to Shipping > Manage Shipments. This will automatically log you into the XPSShipper site.

  1.  New Shipment lists all Destinations that are currently in a Ready destination status. Select by Invoice # or Company name the destination you wish to ship.
  2.  Sender information is pulled in based on your XPS account.  
  3.  Receiver information is the information as you entered in your CoreBridge system for the selected Destination.
  4.  Select a service. FedEx, UPS, & USPS are available for domestic shipments, DHL is available for International shipments.

  5.  Input the details of your shipment, including box size and weight. If you have more than one box for this destination, you can enter it here. Insurance can also be added in this area.
  6.  Shipping amount is displayed based on the selected service and box size/weight.
  7.  Click here to display Alternative Quotes. You can compare rates based on types of service. For instance: compare UPS Next Day rates to FedEx Next Day rates. If you want to ship using one of the Alternative Quotes, simply click on it.
  8.  Once you've selected the desired service type, click here to print the shipping label.

  9. Once you have successfully booked the shipment, you can print your shipping label, schedule a Pickup, and more.

Completed Shipments in CoreBridge

Once you have completed or "booked" the shipment within XPS and have printed the shipping label, the information is automatically brought back into your CoreBridge system.


Shipping costs will be handled based on how you have set your integration settings in the Management Module. For information on CoreBridge / XPS Integration Settings, click here.


This information can be viewed on the Order View > Address Info tab and expand the Destination that has been completed.

  • Destination Info, Carrier & Service Type is set when editing a destination.
  • Shipping Info is transferred from XPS, and includes Tracking #, Carrier, Shipping Cost, and Shipping Retail. Shipping Retail can be manually adjusted by clicking on the text Shipping Retail.