Vendor information can be added into your CoreBridge system. This will also allow you to associate specific vendor pricing to the parts within your system, and allow system users with Purchasing Module access to search vendor information and vendor contact details. It'll also allow you to create and manage Purchase Orders.

NOTE:  Vendors can be managed through the Purchasing Module > Vendors. The Purchasing Module is not available with all packages. For more information about the Purchasing Module, please contact support. If you do not have access to the Purchasing module, you can still create and associate vendors with individual parts through the Management Module.  

This article will cover the following:

Vendors can be added in the Management Module when associating a vendor to a part. Vendors created here will be available for other parts and will show in the Purchasing Module.  

The Purchasing Module also allows you to add vendors. In the Purchasing Module, you can manage and deactivate/activate vendors, in addition to managing purchase orders and inventory.  

Creating Vendors in the Management Module

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Parts > Parts Manage
  2. Select the part you wish to Associate a vendor to.
  3. Click + Associate Vendor

  4. A window will appear. Click the magnifying glass when searching the customer or type the Vendor Name directly on the Select Vendor field.  You can add a new Vendor by clicking the + icon beside the Include Inactive checkbox. And check the Include Inactive box if you would like to see all inactive vendors from the list.

  5. Complete the information in the Create New Vendor window

       NOTE:  Vendor Name is the only required field, however, it can be helpful to have additional information in your system.

  6. Click Create Vendor at the bottom right.
    You have now successfully added this vendor to your system. You can now associate other parts in your system to this vendor.

Creating Vendors in the Purchasing Module

  1. Navigate to Purchasing Module > Vendors > Create New

  2. Complete the information  

      NOTE:  Vendor Name is the only required field, however, it can be helpful to have additional information in your system.

  3. Click Create Vendor

Managing Vendors in the Purchasing Module

  1. Navigate to Purchasing Module > Vendors > Search.  
  2. To manage or make updates to vendor information, select the Vendor Name you wish to edit.

  3. On the Vendor Information page, you're able to add or update general information on the vendor
  4. Once updated, select Save Changes to Vendor.

  5. Navigate to the Contacts tab to view and edit contact information.
  6. Click Save Changes to Vendor. 

Making an Inactive Vendor Active

  1. Navigate to Purchasing Module > Vendors > Search. By default, only active vendors will be listed.

  2. Check the Show Inactive box to display inactive vendors in your search results.
  3. Select Activate in the far right column of the vendor. The vendor is now active in your system.