Quick Products are a great way to save time when entering orders or estimates. By taking your most commonly used products and entering them in as Quick Products, you're able to include one or more parts along with common machines and modifiers in pre-set-up products so you spend less time recreating those products. Once added to an estimate or order, you can edit a Quick Product just like any other product. 

This article covers the following topics:

It is vital to keep in mind that if a part and machine are deactivated in the management module, they will still be available on any Quick Products that have them, as we strive to keep the integrity of the Quick Products in place. 

  • Parts, Modifiers, and Machines are automatically updated in Quick Products when changes were made in the Management module.

Creating Quick Products

You can create Quick Products from the Quick Price tab as well as while entering or editing an Order or an Estimate.

  1. Enter in the Quick Product you want to create including the most common settings. You can save Quick Products that are for certain quantities, sizes, substrates, etc.
    The following information can be saved with Quick Products:
    • (A) Product Name
    • (B) Product Summary

      For each Part:
    • (C) Machine Steps 
    • (D) Part Text
    • (E) Part Notes
    • (F) Modifiers
    • Click Save Part

  2. Click Create Quick Product

  3. Pick the type of Quick Product:
    • (A) My Products–available to only the user that is creating them. 
    • (B) Global Products–available to all users within your system. (This option is available based on user access rights.)
    • (C) Customer Products–available in Step 2 of estimate/order entry for a specific customer. (This option is available based on user access rights and subscription package)

  4. Assign the Quick Product to a category. If you haven't created Quick Products Categories already, click Manage Categories to set them up.
  5. Click Create

Editing Quick Products

You can edit Quick Products by clicking on the Products section in the Sales Module. Quick Products added during estimate/order entry are edited like any other product.  

  1. Navigate to Sales Module > Products. Select the Quick Product you wish to edit.

  2. Edit the Quick Product.
  3. Click Save Quick Product.

  4. Close the tab when finished.

Moving Quick Products

You can move Quick Products from My Products to Global Products or vice versa by opening them from Quick Price. 

  1. Navigate to Quick Price.
  2. Click +Add Quick Product
  3. Select the type of Quick Product you wish to move.
  4. Select Quick Product Name.

5. Click Create Quick Product.

6. Select the Quick Product type.

7. Assign Category

8. Click Create button.


Note: When moving Quick Products from Customer Products to My Products or Global Products, you would need to open them by creating New Estimates/Orders for that Customer. 

In Step 2 (Create Products) click the +Add Quick Product button, then select the Customer Products tab. Select the Quick Product type and assign a category before clicking the Create button.

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