Tax Groups are a grouping of agencies—typically local, county, and state—that total the tax charged for that area and allow you to charge a combined, single rate. Without Tax Groups defined, you won't be able to charge or assign sales tax to your customer and orders.

NOTE:  Before you can create Tax Groups, you must create Tax Agencies to add to the group. 

How to Add a Tax Group

  1. Click on a location. Navigate to the Tax Groups tab.
    (A) You can switch between locations by using the drop-down menu here.
  2. Click Create Tax Group.

  3. Enter a descriptive Tax Group Name that helps you identify which Tax Agencies are in the group.
        NOTE:  Tax Group names and Tax Agency names must be different.

  4. Now select the Tax Agencies that apply and click Submit. Your new Tax Group is now available. You can change the default Tax Group for each location.

Once created, you can select a Tax Group to be the default, this will set it as the default Tax Group for any new customers created, or Walk-In transactions. You can also edit a Tax Group by clicking on the group name and making the necessary changes.

NOTE:  The Tax Group assigned to a given customer location will by default be the one used during estimate/order entry. The Tax Group can be changed during estimate/order entry.