This article will walk you through the basics of what to expect when doing a Customer Import from SignVox. 

What Will My Customers Look Like

Imported customers come over as normal – viable customers. They function and contain the same information that a customer entered directly into CoreBridge would. The only difference between imported customers and manually entered customers is that imported customers INITIALLY default to an inactive status. This prevents all of the X number of customers from syncing over during your first sync at the same time.

However, there are still several ways you can access your customers. 

        1. Create New Estimate or Order

            Regardless of whether or not a customer is marked as inactive, they will populate when you search for them when you are creating a new estimate or                 order. See image below. 

            IMPORTANT NOTE:  Once an estimate or order is associated with a customer, they will automatically change to an ACTIVE status. 

        2. Customer Search 

        Inactive customers will populate during any customer search when you marking the include inactive search box found in a Customer Search. 

        See image below. 

In order to set these inactive imported customers as active, you can either by manually updating that by logging into that specific customer and marking as ACTIVE See image below. Or by simply creating a New Estimate or Order for that specific customer.

What Does Not Come Over in Customers Imported?

  1. Customer Credit Terms do not come over
  2. Customer Types, Industries and Originations do not come over automatically. They can come over provided we are given the correct information. See this article for more information. 
  3. Non-primary contacts. While primary contacts will come over as a part of the customer import, non-primary contacts won't come over until the Order History import.
  4. Non-primary shipping addresses. While primary shipping addresses will come over as a part of the customer import, non-primary addresses won't come over until the Order History import.
  5. Order History Information. This will come over at a later point.
  6. Legacy Data from SignVox.  SignVox has determined that they will longer be providing any legacy data when providing the files that are used to import customers and contacts into Corebridge.  This would be any data imported into SignVox from a previous POS.

When Are My Customers Imported?

Customers are imported as part of your Go Live phase. Specifically, they are imported during our nightly maintenance, the business night before your specified Go Live Date. 

While scheduling your Go Live Date, the support agent will ask if you would like us to import the customers from your previous POS. They will then instruct you to follow the directions found here to extract the two files that contain your Customer and Contact information. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  it is VITAL that you follow the instructions to ensure that the files you send us contain ALL the necessary information. Failure to do so will result in missing data and import delays. 

If you have any questions regarding how to extract that data, please do not hesitate to email us at support@corebridge.net. We would be happy to assist you. 

We recommend that you wait to send us these files until the business day before your Go Live Date. This ensures that the files contain the most up-to-date information. 

For example. If your Go Live Date is Monday, October 1st send us the file before 6 pm on Friday, September 29th. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Files received AFTER 6:00 pm the business day before your Go Live Date OR on the weekend will result in an import delay. 

Cost of Import

There is also a one-time fee associated with imports. This fee covers BOTH the Customer and Order History import. 

You can reach out to billing@corebridge.net if you have any questions.

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions about customer imports please do not hesitate to email us at support@corebridge.net. 

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