The Customer Portal Direct Link allows you to send a tokenized link in emails originating from CoreBridge through the customer communication tools. The direct link functionality bypasses the need for a customer to have their Customer Portal access enabled and to log in with their credentials.


By default, the tokenized link will expire after 30 days. You can adjust this setting by navigating to Management Module > Global Settings > System > Security.

Actions performed using the direct link will be tracked in the Order History tab for the Order and will be associated with the Order Contact.

Adding the link to Customer Communications

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Customers > Communication.
  2. Select the email template you wish to add the Customer Portal Direct Link to.
  3. Select Order/Estimate as the placeholder category.

  4. Copy the Customer Portal Order URL and paste the placeholder into the email template above.
  5. Click Save All Settings when done.

  6. Repeat for additional templates. This placeholder is available for the following email templates:
    • New Estimate

    • Email Estimate

    • New Order

    • Email Invoice

    • Action Needed

    • Proof Available

    • Order Built

    • Order Completed

    • Payment Due

If you've previously used the Customer Portal links that require a login, you can continue using those in addition to the direct link on the email templates, or you can replace them with the direct links. The direct links only give access to the associated estimate or order and will not grant access to all estimates and orders for that customer as the normal Customer Portal login credentials would.

NOTE:  If you're using integrated credit card processing in CoreBridge, the tokenized link can also be used to make a payment on the associated order. For more information refer to the Payments Using the Customer Portal Direct Link article.

How Can I View the Customer Portal Direct Link myself?

There are two primary methods of viewing and/or testing the Customer Direct Portal Link yourself.

  1. Send yourself an email that includes the appropriate placeholder from CoreBridge.
  2. Click on the Order History tab of any estimate or order that includes a history event (email) that notified your customer to access the Customer Portal Direct Link. Locate the notification event and mouse over it to review the email body that was included in the email including the direct link. 

Key Differences between the Customer Portal Direct Link and the Customer Portal Link 

When using the Customer Direct Link:

  • The Customer Portal does not have to be enabled in order for customers to access the order.
  • The customer will not be required to login.
  • Customer view and available actions will be limited to the specific Order to which the CoreBridge Customer Communication is relevant.