Images can be uploaded for your products. Featured images can be static or customizable using the Online Designer.

To manage product images, navigate to the Admin Panel > Products. Select a product. Then click on the Image Tab.

Adding a Standard Featured Image

  1. Choose Standard to upload a static image
  2. Click Upload Image to upload a product image

    NOTE: Images should be less than 3 MB in size. Your image will automatically be scaled to correctly display in the Storefront

Adding a Customizable Featured Image

  1. Choose Customizable 
  2. Click Add Artwork. This will enable the online designer, for more information please visit the article covering the Online Designer.

  3. Click Customization required to require users to customize artwork prior to adding the product to their cart

Adding Additional Images

  1. Click Add Product Images

  2. Enter a title for the image
  3. Pick the Image Type
    • Alternate Image View will display the alternate image as a thumbnail under the Feature image on the storefront
    • Swatch will display a swatch in the product configure area, labeled with the Image Alt Text
  4. Upload the image
  5. Enter the Image Alt Text
  6. Enter the Display Order. Images with lower display orders will be shown first on the Ecommerce site.
  7. Click Save Changes.