Add-Ons are used to gather additional information for configuring products. They can be used for information only, such as a text box that the end user can populate with installation instructions.  Add-Ons can also add value to a product, such as the option to choose rounded corners on business cards for an extra charge. To create and manage Add-Ons, navigate to the Admin Panel > Merchandise >Add-Ons

Creating new Add-Ons

  1. Click + Add-On.

  2. Enter an Add-On Title. This name will be for internal use only 
  3. Enter an Add-On Label.  This will be displayed to the customer
  4. Select a Display Type from the dropdown menu.  This will determine how values for this Add-on will be shown to the customer
  5. Check if Add-On is optional.  Leaving this box unchecked will require a response prior to adding an associated product to the cart.
  6. Enter additional information for your customer in the Add-On Tooltip
  7. Enter a Display Order for this Add-On.  Add-Ons with lower display numbers will be shown first.
  8. Inventory Tracking can be enabled for Add-Ons.
  9. Click Save.

  10. Click on the Values tab for the Add-on.  Values are options available for your Add-on.  These Values can have pricing assigned to them.
  11. Click + Add-on Value to add an additional value.

  12. Enter Label and SKU for the Value
  13. There is an option to make this the Default Selected Value.
  14. If this Add-on option has a price, enter the pricing information here
  15. Enter the Inventory Settings
  16. Enter Shipping information, if applicable
  17. Enter a Display Order for this value.  Values with lower display numbers will be shown first.
  18. Fill in any value attributes
  19. Click Save.

  20. Repeat the steps for adding new values as necessary.