Inventory Managment allows you to manually keep track of your inventory, indicating the quantity you have on hand based on your last cycle count and the re-order point. 

To use the Inventory Management tool, navigate to Purchasing Module > Inventory.

NOTE:  The Purchasing Module is not available with all packages. For more information about the Purchasing Module, please contact

Updating Inventory

  1. Locate the part you wish to track inventory for.
    • (A) The part list can be sorted by Inventory Status.
    • (B) This list can be filtered by Part Category.
    • (C) Search for the Part by name.
  2. Enter the Quantity you have on hand for the selected part.
  3. Enter the Quantity at which you need to reorder the part.
  4. Click Update.
    NOTE:  Inventory is not automated. Inventory counts are updated manually based on your most recent cycle count.

Inventory Status

Inventory status is based on the Quantity at Hand and the Re-Order Point Qty.

  • (A) Blank:  A blank box indicates the Qty on hand is below the Re-Order Point.
  • (B) Re-Order Required:  The Qty on Hand equals the Re-Order Point or less.
  • (C) In Stock:  The Qty on Hand is above the Re-Order Point.
  • (D) Not Kept In Stock:  No inventory information has been entered for this part.

View Vendors

Click on View Vendors to view Vendor information, including Vendor Name(s), Manufacturing Part Number, and Vendor Price. This information is set on the part level in the Management Module. For more information on how to add vendor information to a part, please review the Associating Vendors to Parts article.