Integration types control how a product will interact with Corebridge when it is purchased on your Ecommerce website.  The three types of integration are Basic, Reporting, and Advanced.

Basic Integration

If Basic integration is selected, the product will integrate into Corebridge with one part name, entitled "Import Part".

The income account assigned to the Product will be Imported Sales.

Reporting Integration

Reporting integration allows you to choose the Product Category and Income account.  The product will have one part with the name "Import Part." The Product Category and Income account will match the ones provided.

Advanced Integration

Advanced Integration allows you to connect your Ecommerce product with an existing Quick Product in your CoreBridge system.

To use the Advanced Integration, you must first enable the Quick Product for Ecommerce.  

  1. Navigate to the Sales Module in your CoreBridge system, then click on the Products tab
  2. Click Enable on the E-commerce column

  3. On the e-commerce side, select the Product Category 
  4. Then select the Quick Product.

When using the Advanced integration, the Product syncs over to Corebridge with all the information saved in the connected Quick Product, including Parts, Machine steps, and Modifiers.